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Broker Scam Hits Denver

Scam AlertBetween 4-9-2013 and 4-11-2013 persons pretending to be representatives of a CMCA member have booked or attempted book to loads with 5 different brokers. The brokers report that the caller has been using telephone # 303-823-1883. The caller has a Middle Eastern accent. The caller has been using the name Greg or Gary.

In two incidents these imposters requested an advance which was not provided and the loads were not picked up. In two of the incidents the imposters requested the load confirmation sheet be faxed to an alternative fax number. The brokers would not fax the load confirmation sheet to an alternate fax number. The brokers sent the load confirmation sheet to fax numbers they had on file for the company, which alerted everyone to the apparent scam.
One broker called the company directly and requested an updated Certificate of Insurance which led to the discovery of the fraudulent activity. Authorities have been notified in this case.