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Biker names and how they get them

Biker names and how they get them

Name typically placed on left vest shoulder lapel SS Photos

Anyone that been around very many bikers have noticed they call each other by odd names or names Ever wonder how those names evolved? Well, all you have to do is hang around a few of them for a while and you probably figure it out. You find out it has something to do with things like his physical appearance, his personality, a peculiar habit, or the way he rides.

I know a man that has a full red beard and full head of shoulder length red hair that bushes out when he rides his Harley with high rise handlebars referred to as ape hangers. Is there any question as to why they call him named Zag might refer to his riding style or his use of rolling papers. Snoopy was first called because he could easily toggle between a mean, junk yard dog to the fun loving, life of the party, cartoon character we all know and love and ended up being called Snoopy.

‘Dirty Bob’ was hygienically clean so any guess why they call him You guessed it.

Of course there was a big, round man and there was Berry Berry because the man grew up thinking of himself as no better than a disease (actually spelled Beriberi).

Paul is not a kind of guy but he always kind and maintains a peaceful demeanor. That brings to mind,
facebook besthairbuy Gary for the same reason, however, he ended up having his name changed because maintaining his peaceful demeanor was too difficult in the places he frequented.

‘Smokey’ was a man that constantly had to pull his over during rides for a break may know of some unusual or unique names and you may comment on those below in the comment section but one thing I know for sure. If someone introduces themselves using their riding name; never never never respond by asking your real name? as personal as asking a woman what size bra she wears at a first introduction. It none of your business! It’s offensive and uncouth of you to ask. In fact, in the biker culture, you may know someone by their riding name for 30 years and never know their legal name. That just the way it is. Got it?

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I was born into the biker lifestyle as my Dad was in one of the most well known clubs. I was raised pretty much by the club members and my Dad introduced them as uncle Duck, uncle Red, or uncle Jonesy. These guys taught me how to tear down a Harley and rebuild it from my earliest memories and had me riding one thing or another since I can remember, mini bikes, dirt bikes, they always made sure I had something to ride and work on. Whenever there was a full moon I would howl at it like some of the guys would and it just became something I would do. When I got back after serving four years in the USMC my nick name was waiting for me. I was a Devil Dog who howled at the moon. I am Wolf.

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